Sunday, March 10, 2013

MADE: Scoodies Galore

Long ago one of my brothers asked me if I could knit him a scarf, and then some time later he requested that this scarf have a hood.  I want to say this happened many many years ago. Well finally for this past Christmas, I made him this scarf with a hood known as a scoodie, except it wasn't knitted... I didn't get to take a picture of his particular scoodie, but here's one of out of the 6 that were made.


Pattern: Scoodie (free pattern found here)
Fabric: Exterior - blizzard fleece (1.25 yds) from Joann; Interior - cotton flannel (1.5 yds) from Joann
Costs: $0.00 (free pattern) + ~$9.80(fleece $4.49/yd and flannel $2.79/yd or $3.99/yd)
What I Love: Super easy to make with 4 pattern pieces
  • The middle piece of the hood did not match up with the sides of the hood at the notches. I just cut the middle and added 3/4". 
  • Added pockets to the ends of the scarf, which are just 8"x 10" rectangles in fleece. About an 1.25" of the top was folded over and then topstitched prior to attaching the the scarf.
  • Used 1/2" seam allowances instead of 5/8" for no particular reason except that I had blue painters tape marked for 1/2".
Overall:  This was a fun gift giving pattern.  I made these for our siblings plus one for myself and husband for a total of 6!  The long straight stitching on the scarf portion was a little boring especially after doing them so many times, but other than that it's easy peasy and the recipients loved them!  I may even make 2 more for friends that saw ours and loved them, too.

Mr. So and I are sporting ours inside our house... I think we may have worn them a total of 2 times since they were finished... maybe we need to go to Chicago to get more wear out of them. :)  There's also not a good way to wear the scarf.  If you try to wrap both of them around the neck the pockets are super close to your face.  I ended up just throwing one end to the back and keeping one end in the front. RTW scoodies have a detachable hood that can be placed at different intervals to help with this, but I didn't want to do the extra work.


Coming up with the different fleece and flannel combinations for the different scoodies was pretty fun.  There are only 5 swatch combinations because one of them (black and white plaid flannel) was made twice. :)

Scoodie Swatches

In the end, my brother didn't even remember requesting this scarf, but nonetheless he was the inspiration behind making these!  :)


  1. I really have to remember these things as great gifts next Xmas! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. Hehe... anytime... you're always inspiring me! :)