Friday, February 8, 2013

MADE: Scout Woven Tee

One of my fellow sewists at a local meetup is in love with this pattern (actually several of the sewists from the meetup have made this top and love it!) and so I decided to give it a try as well. It is a loose dartless woven top, which is not typically my first choice because I tend to lean towards more fitted clothes. I was a bit skeptical about it so I decided to use fabric I got at a fabric swap.

Uploaded this to flickr using the flickr app with the mammoth filter.

Pattern: Scout Woven Tee by Grainline Studio
Size:  12
Fabric: floral print cotton lawn/voile from a fabric SWAP
Cost: $6.50 = $6.50 (pattern) + $0.00 (fabric)
What I LoVE:  Simple, easy pattern.
Notes:  Added tiny pointed pocket, which was traced from my Target Boyfriend Tee.

I don't think that this is the most flattering top on me, and I'm not sure I made the best fabric choice.  However that being said, I wear this shirt A LOT... it's super comfortable.  It's been a few months since I finished this project and it's definitely grown on me.  (Thanks, Susan! :))  Overall,  I may make a few tweaks and try it again.

Potential modifications for next time:
  • Take it in a smidge in the back
  • Needs small FBA
  • Use drapier fabric

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MADE: Burda 05-2012-113 Starburst Skirt

I've had a subscription to Burda for a couple of years now, but haven't used them much.  Recently, I'm making a conscience effort to use these magazines, and have traced several patterns.  This post has been sitting in my drafts for a few months now and was completed in 2012.  I need to be better about posting in a more timely manner.  I have a few more catch-up posts as well after this one... sigh... one of these days. :D

Burda Floral Sunburst Skirt
Taking pictures by myself is so awkward for me... I don't look happy at all. :P

Pattern: Burda 05-2012-113 Starburst Skirt view C (can be downloaded here, too)
Size: 42
Fabric: 1.5 yd remnant of floral watercolor knit from The Common Thread
What I Love:  ONE pattern piece!
  • Added 1" seam allowances to adjust for fit... since I haven't made very many Burda patterns and I'm all over the size chart, I decided trace the middle size and add large seam allowances.  I also measured the pattern piece to see if I was even close, and I was.  In the end, I didn't need the 1" seam allowances.
  • Fabric choice is important on this one... need something not too thick but not too thin with nice stretch and good recovery. There are no closures or zippers on this skirt so the waist needs to be able to go over the hips.
  • Cut slightly off grain due to fabric limitations
  • Hand basted the pleats prior to sewing
  • Weirdly graded pleats once sewn together to reduce bulk
  • Cut the length for view C, but then cut off extra 2" in length (probably more like view A)
  • Took in waist about 1"
  • Didn't look at directions... just trace, mark and cut fabric, pleat, hand baste pleats, serge facing bottom edge, sew side seams, grade pleats, serge side seams, fold over facing and attach at side seams, flip facing, and hem
  • Fabric is a little bit on the thin side and the waist is very flimsy... need to add something to stabilize... maybe elastic?
  • Fabric was easy to sew, but was very "sticky".
Overall:  Easy, cute skirt and probably would not make again. I would recommend this to others... just beware of the bulk at the pleats.