Sunday, March 10, 2013

MADE: Candice House Slippers

Pattern:  Candice Slippers by iThinkSew
Fabric:  blizzard fleece leftovers for exterior and cotton flannel leftovers for interior; both from Joann
Size:  8
Cost:  $3.90 (pattern on sale) + $0.00 (scraps of fabric)
What I Love: Simple, easy pattern that does not require much fabric
  • Made without adding seam allowances so sizing was not correct. Read the pattern and instructions because it clearly says it needs to be added... I just didn't read. 
  • Interfaced the lining, but not on the exterior and instead added another layer of fleece. It could use more stiffness and maybe more cushion as well.
  • Used fabric paint on the bottom for anti-skid properties as well as marking right and left.
I have small feet (usually wear 6.5) and these barely fit me lengthwise... I need to be careful and read the pattern and instructions before proceeding.  I was just WAY TOO overconfident and this is where it got me. :(  Many people request for slippers when they come over to our house, and I'm not sure why... Could it be because we keep it at 62 in the winter?  Hehe... well there will be more of these in the future and hopefully they will be the correct sizes.

Candice House Slippers

Candice House Slippers
Please ignore the unfinished areas... :)


  1. I love that you've put "L" and "R: on the bottoms, it's so cute!

    1. Thanks, Reana! It's hard to tell which is which without the markings. ;)

  2. Love the idea of having these for guests... but does that mean I'll have to provide robes and turn-down service?? Haha, maybe with one of those "gentle reminders" of check-out at 11:00 am.. ;-)

    1. Haha... i definitely don't do any of those things. Most of the time it's people who come over to hangout and not usually stay overnight. :)