Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Insert Clever Title Here

I recall having to write in MLA, five-paragraph papers in high school. I would outline my paper with my own comments and reminders of what to type it in brackets. It would look something like this:

[Insert intro here]

[Body Paragraph 1]
[Body Paragraph 2]
[Body Paragraph 2]

[Insert conclusion here]

On one such occasion, I apparently failed to insert a conclusion but clearly marked [Insert conclusion here] in a paper for my English 4 AP class. My teacher asked my friend (who happened to be next to her while she was grading it) if everything was ok with me because I clearly turned in unfinished work. Needless to say, I still received a decent grade since the "meat" of the paper was not in the conclusion per se. :)

This is turning into a rather long intro for this post... being that it's been awhile I wasn't sure how to break the ice but to start off with this story... ;)

All things aside, I can't believe my last post was June 2013! It's been almost of year and man... time does fly. Non-posting does not mean non-making. I will not make any excuses or give reason for the lack of posts nor will I acknowledge any chance of project back-posting (I'm anti-committal that way.). However, I will note that this revive was in part due to prodding and pushing encouraging by Susan of and inspiration from fabulous meet'n'greets of out of town sewing bloggers. It's always fun to be in good company especially with like minded fabric hording, pattern piling, sewing enthuasists! (Thanks again, Susan, for organizing the outings!)

Mikhaela, Dixie, Susan, and me

Mikhaela, Melly, me, Melizza, Sarah, Susan, and Susan (in the blue strips)
*Photos are courtesy of Mikhaela! Thank you!

This year I've also decided to sign up for Me Made May! Over the years I've always watched from the sidelines, and this year I've decided to take the leap to join in on the fun.

 'I, Angela of So Made, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2014'.



  1. Yay, welcome back. You're gonna have lot's of fun for MMM. Let me know if you need me to meet you at lunchtime for photots. I know that can be the hardest part:)

    1. I always forget you're only a few blocks away. I will probably take you up on this offer. :)

  2. [Insert conclusion here] hahaha! And I'm quite sure I have a few drafted blog posts with this exact same title... ;)

    Hooray! And yah, I probably was a little pushy, I'm sorry! :) I'm so glad you're playing along though...

    1. Oh not at all! You don't have to be sorry at all. I know it was in fun and hey it got me to finally post something so I should be thanking you!! :)